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AWECA CARGO SERVICES, INC. was organized as a corporation in 1990. It was registered with the securities and exchange Commission on May 08, 1990 under S.E.C Registration No. 176751, with authorized capitalization of P 5,000,000.00 of which P 1,250,000.00 were subscribed and P 312,500.00 was paid up. From that initial capital, and with five(5) workers and two(2) units of prime movers, the Company started its Brokerage and Hauling business. This kind of operation continued until the Company decided to service the Brokerage and Hauling requirements not only in Pampanga but as well as Region III Exporters and Importers. Fumigation Services was also added into our business as well as Mini-Container Yard for a complete package of shipment.

The company now has a total work force of Sixty(60) and is continuously increasing. The demand of the market is just so much that the company has to increase its working force from its original number. Its delivery equipment (prime movers) are now Sixteen(16) units., Six(6) LCL delivery trucks and 25 tonner crane for mini container yard.
Company Services

Constantly striving for the convenience of our clients.

  • We provide articulate attention to details regarding customs clearance, instruction and liaison, including delivery of documents
  • We deliver quality service for total customers' satisfaction.
Company Mission

To provide the most appropriate response to each and every need of our clients.

  • We provide adequate resources to ensure that the highest possible standards of service are maintained at all times.
  • We welcome you to discuss with our officers-in-charge for any inquiries you may have.
  • Staff are of high standard, well-trained, experienced, motivated and managed.

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  • Customs Brokerage
  • Hauling Containeralized
  • Forwarding
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Fumigation

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