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Customs Brokerage

- Complete documentation
- Export licensing to bank negotiation.
- With accurate documentation for Letter of Credit negotiation.


  • Export Declaration
  • Arrastre & Warfage
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Stuffing ICCO
  • Documentation & Science Stamps
  • Notarial of Documents
  • PCCI Documentation
  • Tabs Appointment
  • Bill of Lading Handling
  • BFAD Processing
  • BFAR Processing
  • Bureau of Quarantine Processing
  • and Others
Charges in Terminal Handling, Forwarder, Cargo Receipts, Chassis Rental, Storage from shipping lines and other government agencies, i.e. PCCI Certificate of Origin, GTEB (VISA AND TEC) and Foreign Embassy processing (if any) will be charges per actual expenses.


  • Import Declaration
  • Arrastre & Wharfage
  • Notarial of Documents
  • Tabs Appointment
  • Bonded Warehouse Processing
  • BFAD Processing
  • BFAR Processing
  • Documentation & Science Stamps
  • and Others
Terminal Handling Charges, Chassis Rental, Storage, and any charges from shipping lines and other government agencies will be charges per actual expenses.

Hauling Containerized

- Sixteen (16) units Tractor Heads for Export and Local deliveries.
- Destinations : "from Angeles City, Pampanga to any point of Luzon."
Full Container - Export / Import for full container booking, we must be given two (2) to three (3) days "Advance Notice" to enable us to schedule the equipment, otherwise, our services shall be rendered on "First-unit-Available Basis"

"Worry free"

for your shipment.
All units were checked and in good condition before leaving Motorpool Compound. Each driver were provided with cell phones as well as the maintenance department.

International Sea/Air Freight Forwarding

  • Carrier, rate and transit time Analysis.
  • Freight forwarding assistance to any place of destinations.
  • "port to port , port to door and door to door deliveries."
  • Inquiry for the lowest rates of freight forwarder charges.

Trucking - Loose Cargo

- Six(6) units closed vans for Export and Local deliveries
An additional fee will be charge for loose cargo deliveries of different destinations.
Additional Equipment
  • 40' Flat Bed Trailer - can be used for either containerized or general cargo
  • 40' Winged Vans mounted on Triple Axle Chassis can be used with prime movers for deliveries of heavy loads needing cover from rain or heavy winds, i.e, cement, grains, feeds, fertilizer, etc.

Mini-Container Yard

  • Located at Block 18 Lot 12 Harbour Centre

Fumigation Service

  • AFAS - trained with certificate no. 63AFAS043
  • Accredited BPI Plant Quarantine Treatment Provider ( Company Code : W M M )
  • Licensed Fumigator and Operator (Reference no. F46-14)
  • Fumigant used : Methyl Bromide and Phosphine Gas
  • 24 hour fumigation service for containerized and LCL shipments

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  • Customs Brokerage
  • Hauling Containeralized
  • Forwarding
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Fumigation

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